Hancock Church, our venue.

The Math Club of Lexington is an enrichment program dedicated to advancing our students’ confidence in and competency for math. We target third through eighth grade students and offer a variety of classes throughout the year. The Club builds problem-solving skills in topics such as arithmetic, number theory, algebra, geometry, and probability. Our classes combine individual self-paced work, small group problem solving, instruction, and interactive exercises. This proven formula translates into high achievement for our students in rigorous mathematical competitions and in their schoolwork. The Club has participated for more than 20 years in the International Mathematical Olympiads for Elementary and Middle Schools.

Our Classes

During normal years, our classes meet after school on Mondays. Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays in the afternoon and early evening at the Hancock Church in Lexington, MA. All classes are one and a half hours and combine self-paced exercises, instruction, and interactive learning opportunities. Students are given the chance to present their work to the class and develop the necessary skills to communicate their work to others. While we welcome all students to our classes, younger children tend to register for our early time slots. We offer classes at 4, 5:30, and 7pm daily.

Classroom materials are leveled to engage developing through advanced students. We’d love to have your student join us and engage in this exciting curriculum!

Our History

The Math Club was started as a math enrichment program by Mr Richard Heneghan at the Fiske Elementary School in Lexington, MA. Mr Heneghan asked then parent, Joe Quigley, to help him with the program. Joe Quigley was a mechanical engineer and parent of two students at that time.

When Mr Heneghan retired in 1996, Joe stepped in to lead the program and renamed it, The Math Club. His goal was for his two children and their classmates to develop an appreciation for and love of math. Under Joe’s direction, The Math Club grew beyond the Fiske Elementary School community, admitting students from other elementary and middle schools in Lexington and the surrounding communities.

The Math Club’s proven format features self-paced problem solving, small group interactive presentations, and competitions. For more than twenty years, its has featured two mathematical competitions, including The International Mathematics Olympiad for Elementary and Middle School Students and its proprietary, Applied Math Challenge. The Math Club’s students have achieved unprecedented success in both competitions. For example, The Club’s students have earned 360 George Lenchner Awards for a perfect score on the competition; along with > 1,100 Gold pins for top 2% performers; > 1,200 Silver pins for top 10% performers and >4,600 patches for top 50% performers. The Math Club’s Lenchner awards represent more than ten percent of the awards in that category worldwide.

After Joe’s passing in October 2019, The Math Club of Lexington continued under the direction of John Gill, a life-long resident of Lexington who is also a mechanical engineer from West Point and a beloved Middle School math teacher from the Winchester Public School system. Due to pandemic demands, John Gill is not teaching for The Math Club this fall.

We now have two wonderful teachers with us, Dr. Berit Ahmad and Marcus Ahmad. Dr. Berit Ahmad is an experienced high school math teacher and a PhD in Mechanical Engineering and Marcus Ahmad is a degree candidate in mathematics at the University of Cambridge and a graduate of The Math Club.

Long-time Math Club parent, Linda Rossetti, and her daughter, TA Jacqui, lead the behind the scenes efforts that ensure that the The Math Club’s goals continue to come to life.

The Math Club remains steadfast in its goal of developing our student’s confidence in and competency for math, a goal it has pursued for more than twenty-five years.

Berit Ahmad

Berit is a former Winchester High School Math teacher who holds a Bachelors and Masters in Mechanical Engineering and a PhD in Chemical Engineering from MIT. Berit’s two sons attended The Math Club with Joe Quigley. Along with being an experienced teacher, Berit knows the Math Club’s philosophy and objectives.

Marcus Ahmad

Marcus Ahmad (Berit’s son) is a mathematics major at the University of Cambridge in the UK. Marcus is a graduate of The Math Club and has experience teaching young students. He spent many years with Joe Quigley and is very familiar with The Math Club’s format along with the International Mathematics Olympiad competition.

Teaching Assistants

Our TA’s are all high schoolers from the Greater Boston area. They have all graduated from the Math Club and earned the highest awards offered by the International Mathematics Olympiad Competition. TAs are the heart of our classroom. They engage with students while small groups work on weekly classroom materials. TAs get to know all of our students through their support and peer teaching. Two to three teaching assistants are assigned to each class and attend weekly. They are an incredible resource for students and parents!

Work hard. Work smart. Check your answers!

Joe Quigley

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