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The Math Club of Lexington is dedicated to developing and advancing a student’s confidence in and competency for math. Our classroom format combines instruction, individual problem solving and interactive presentations to ensure that all students are welcomed, engaged and learning!

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Student Awards at Annual Awards Ceremony

Our Philosophy

Learn Problem Solving

Through doing mathematics, students gain essential, universal skills, including problem solving, critical thinking, and perseverance.

Custom Curriculum

Since its founding in 1996, The Math Club has built a customized curriculum suited for educating third to eighth graders in all levels of math. Our program attracts a wide range of students from those developing skills to the most advanced.

Individual Attention

Each Math Club class has a 7:1 student-teacher ratio or better. Our educators spend class time guiding each student as they tackle math exercises. We know that math is learned best when teachers and TAs work with each student.

Peer Teaching

We invite our best former students to serve as Teaching Assistants throughout their high school careers. This group draws from the most select, advanced math students in the Greater Boston Area.

25+ years

Since we opened in 1996, we have been 100% dedicated to advancing our students’ confidence in and competency for math.

100% local

From our founding to the present, The Math Club has remained a 100% local school. Joe Quigley started the after-school program as a Lexington parent. Our current teachers, Dr. Berit Ahmad and Marcus Ahmad, are from the Boston area with Marcus having spent many years with Joe at The Math Club.

What parents say

The Math Club has provided a uniquely enriching experience for my son. Classes offer a fun, supportive club environment where students can grow in confidence as their contributions are skillfully reinforced and they are exposed to engaging math and a wide variety of problem solving strategies. They come to relish Olympiad contest nights, enjoying the challenge of testing themselves in an event that is prestigious and yet unpressured. The Math Club has given my son a rare and wonderful opportunity. Thank you.

― Lexington parent

My son has made tremendous progress in math after taking your Math Olympiad classes. He is one of the 9 kids of all Acton 6th graders who passed 7th grade math test (they need to make 90+% on that test which is harder than the 7th grade regular placement test). He will go directly to 8th grade honor math class next year in Junior high. We believe that taking your class is one of the most important reasons that he can make such progress in math. Thank you so much for your excellent instruction.

― Acton Parent

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About Us

We are The Math Club, a after school program dedicated to developing and advancing our students’ math skills.